2020 HCBA Rep Player Registration (Hamilton Cardinals Rep Baseball)

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Congratulations on being selected to play for the Hamilton Cardinals Baseball Association in 2020! By completing this form, you are registering with the Hamilton Cardinals Baseball Association, Hamilton and District Baseball Association, and Baseball Ontario. Baseball Ontario appoints the local association to collect fees on its behalf, included in the registration fee collected through this process. Baseball Ontario then invoices the local association for fees collected. Please Register for the appropriate team your child has been selected for and complete payment via paypal by October 1st, 2019. There will be additional team specific fees which will be collected by each specific team.
Player to be Registered
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Registrant (Parent, Guardian or Adult Player)
This section to be completed by parent, guardian or player over the age of 18
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2020 Team Registering for
Please select the team your child will be playing for during the 2020 playing season
  1. Once your child has been selected to a team following the completion of the 2020 tryouts, please complete this form. If your child has not officially been selected to a team do NOT complete this form.
  1. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) establishes rules for the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEM’s). The rules that apply to CEMs came into force on July 1, 2014. Under CASL, electronic messages can include emails, SMS text messages, instant messages and messages sent through social networks. Under this new legislation, Baseball Ontario can only send CEMs to you with your consent. If you do not give consent, please be advised that you may not receive important notifications which may include team selection, program, membership, and other Baseball Ontario information.
  2. I recognize that baseball entails serious risks. Consequently, I relinquish all rights to an appeal of any kind, including the right to an appeal for bodily and material damages, regardless of the cause, against Baseball Ontario, its member associations, including the local association and their respective officers, employees, assignees, agents, representatives, and sponsors, even if such damages result from negligence of Baseball Ontario, its member associations, including the local association and their respective officers, employees, assignees, agents, representatives, and sponsors.
  3. I understand that by submitting this registration, players / parents join as members of the Hamilton Cardinals Rep Baseball Association (HCBA) and agree to abide by its rules & policies.  A current copy of which is available on www.hamiltoncardinals.ca.  I understand that players and staff may be photographed at games, practices, tournaments or functions by the press, league, or the HCBA.  These photographs or other electronic images may be released or distributed, as well as pertinent player or staff identifiable information, on our website, in our social media sites, in our newsletters, on promotional material and throughout media outlets, to highlight and promote the HCBA and its players, accomplishments, hard work or just fun times.  I, as parent or guardian of the above player, consent to my son / daughter playing in the HCBA Rep. program.  I assume all risks arising out of participation in the program and hereby waive and release the HCBA, its affiliates, associates, agents, or representatives of any and all rights and claims that have or may arise due to participation in the program.  I subscribe to the HCBA email newsletter, and understand that the HCBA may communicate with me via email for matters regarding the HCBA.

    I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that false or misleading information in my application may result in my position on the team being revoked.

Initial Payment is paid directly to the HCBA ; additional team fees will be collected by your Head Coach.
Human Validation
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